Just me and my memories :)
My name is Judith, my friends call me Judz or Joy :)

Graduated BS Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management from University of the Philippines, Diliman

Likes/Interests: Photography, sunsets, food, landscapes, travel, music and movies

I support LGBT.

Btw, I just bought my canon dslr last August 2009 and my cheap back-up is my Iphone (formerly Nokia N82) It's still a long way to go :)

We can see anything worthy of a shot.. even from the simplest things.. It's up to you to make its beauty, seen... :)
I'm a dreamer, and this is my dream.. with the art of photography, Dreamphotography..

I used to live and work in Boracay, so most earlier posts are about Boracay. But now in back in Manila.

My photos
Boracay Island

Thank you for visiting my site :)

Proudly Pinoy!

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Sour cream Yum!🍴❤ #auntieannes #pretzel #picstitch (Taken with Instagram)

Sour cream Yum!🍴❤ #auntieannes #pretzel #picstitch (Taken with Instagram)

2012.07.07  7:10pm  

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